PVDF Systems

PVDF Systems

Excellent pressure/temperature performance
SYGEF PVDF is a thermoplastic fl uoropolymer with a melting
point above 175 °C and a wide service temperature range
from -20 °C to 140 °C. SYGEF systems are ideal for use in
aggressive chemical or ultrapure water systems since they
are generally considered inert, have high strength and stiff -
ness, and are readily weldable into system components.

Material: PVDF

Main Applications: Microelectronics , Energy, Chemical process industry, Water treatment and Cooling.

Product Range: 16mm to 315mm.

Pressure Rating: UP to 16 bar.

Temperature Range: -20° C to +140° C.

Jointing Technology: IR Fusion, BCF Fusion, Butt Fusion and Socket Fusion.

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