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ELFATH MODERN IRRIGATION AND PIPE TECHNOLOGY is constructed since 1986, it is considered a respectable agent of GEORG FISCHER +GF+ Piping systems Switzerland. ELFATH Always seeks to present the best and the development in very field, we provide integrated solutions in piping systems especially in the field of water, gas and industry for the purpose of developing and modernizing the traditional systems which is used in Egypt. ELFATH provides its entire customer with the modern plastic systems which substitute the traditional metal ones in order to get rid of all the troubles of corrosion and fluid leakage. All that will serve the idea of saving time and effort with a suitable cost, taking into account the observation of international standard specifications at the highest world quality standard. ELFATH has brilliant experience in the field of systems installation , executes it by a very professional team of technicians who have been trained under SWISS specialists of GEORG FISCHER +GF+ , using the most modern accurate machines in the world.

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