PP-H/PE Industrial Systems

The following pressure/temperature diagrams for PP-H
pipes and fittings are valid for a lifetime of 25 years.
The design factor of 2.0 recommended by GF is
They can be used for water or media resembling water,
in other words, media which have no derating factor
regarding the chemical resistance.
Remark: Please take into account the pressure/
temperature diagrams for valves and special fittings.
Becauseof the construction and/or sealing material
used, differences are possible when compared with
pipes and fittings. This information can be found in the
planning fundamentals of the relevant types of valves,
respectively special fittings.
According to the 10 °C line in the hydrostatic strength
curve for PP-H, a permissible pressure of 12.2 bar /
7.4 bar in the temperature range of -10° to +10° C for
the PN10 / PN6 system can be applied.
In case of applications with temperatures in the range
of the dotted lines please contact your GF representative

Material: PP-H

Main Applications: Water treatment, Microelectronics and Chemical process industry.

Product Range: 16mm to 500mm.

Pressure Rating: UP to 16 bar.

Temperature Range: 0° C to +80° C.

Jointing Technology: IR Plus fusion, Socekt fusion, Butt fusion and BCF fusion (PROGEF Natural only).

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